27 August 2012

Video: Carini On Cars: Preservation and Barn Find Cars

Wayne Carini, host of "Chasing Classic Cars," and McKeel Hagerty debate the pros and cons of preservation cars vs. barn finds. The two examples in this video are a Jaguar E-Type and a Buick Super.

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    Alex Ruyg Lake havasu City AZ 86404 April 13, 2016 at 23:50
    I really enjoyed the discussion with Wayne Carrini and McKeel hagerty, about preservation class and Barn find cars. I actually have a barn find , that really came out of a barn in North Dakota in January of 2015. The car belonged to a farmer that had it as a high school car, in 1962, and drove it t his drivers test when he was 14. the car was finally parked and was last driven to his 25th high school reunion in1991. The car has 67,000 actual miles on the odometer. It sat for 24 years when i found it. i have always loved the 52-55 Lincoln Capri's because of their racing heritage at the La Carrera Panamericana. My barn find is a 1953 Lincoln Capri , 2 door hardtop red body and black top. The car has the original paint , leather interior ( black and Red leather ) original carpet, the only thing not original is the electric fuel pump, everything is as it came from the factory ( even the original spare tire ) The car needed a good cleaning and , fuel system , exhaust system , brake system rebuilt. the car drives like a dream, even the engine has the factory spec compression, and the transmission had the original whale oil still in it. Thanks for your time Alex Ruyg

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