18 January 2011

Video: Jaguar E-Type | Pick It or Kick It?

This lovely Jaguar E-Type was found at the Barrett-Jackson auction. Listen while Rob Sass takes you through the pros and cons of this XKE and tell us, would you pick it or kick it.

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    Jon Strader Littleton Co. February 23, 2017 at 14:56
    As a life long Jaguar fan and owner for 45 years I can tell you that the old adage of buy the best car you can afford has never been more true than with any year E-Type. The oldest ones are now 56 years old. The newest ones are now 43 years old. Many of them suffered for years at the hands of uncaring owners that neither had the skills or money to maintain them properly. Thus you have many cars now with poor rust repairs and questionable crash repairs. That combined with over all poor to non existant proper maintenance and competent mechanical repairs makes for a VERY EXPENSIVE RESTORATION!!! It is quite easy to spend 100k to 200k restoring an E-Type that was thought to be a great restoration candidate, besides the cost of the donor car. With that in mind a well done, older, correct restoration of a decent, original, matching numbers car in this price range, really is one of the smartest and financially sound ways to purchase, drive, show and enjoy one of my all time favorites, the Jaguar E-Type. By the way this holds true for virtually all classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes etc. Anything with an engine that is fun to drive, ride, or fly. JS

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