17 October 2007

Help a Fellow Hobbyist Recover Stolen Car and Parts

On Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007, while Lee Jacobsen was in Hershey, his warehouse at 10301 Joy Road in Detroit was broken into and many British car parts were stolen. A vehicle was used to ram through steel doors. The alarm was disabled. Anything copper, brass, aluminum or dense steel was stolen, along with tools, grinders, floor jacks, drill presses, batteries, etc. Neighbors called the police, but none came in time to prevent a lot of damage.

Eight British cars were vandalized for their metal and one was stolen. The cars that were vandalized were, a ‘45 TC, a ’53 TD, a ‘55 TF, a ’57 MGA coupe, a ’63 TR 3-B, a ’37 MGSA, ’38 MG SA, ’52 Jaguar XK 120 roadster. A 1970 MGB roadster, tartan red, VIN GHN5UA195022G, was stolen.

Aside from the ’70 MGB, other stolen items include radiators and shells from the TC, TD, ’37 MG SA (mint shell not restored), ’38 MG SA (concours shell), and radiators from the MGA, TR 3-B and ‘52 JAG – all via crowbar and tools. The couldn't get the TF radiator and shell, but they destroyed it in the process. Spare tire knockoffs were taken from the TC and TD.

The most valuable parts were taken from the prewar SAs. All the parts were restored but in boxes including carburetors, two brass SU fuel pumps and copper lines, four chrome window channels (these are each 24" long), aluminized exhaust manifolds, stainless sleeved M/C and wheel cylinders, brass fuel lines, boxes of small chrome brass parts such as latches, brass fittings, etc.

Non-automotive items that were stolen include 30 rolls of 10" wide aluminum foil, 14" diameter, each weighing 150 pounds.

The warehouse was divided into 3 inner sections with locked steel doors. The MGB was used as a ram to break these 3 inner doors -- a testimony to MGBs that is was still drivable enough to be stolen.

Any assistance to recover these parts, especially the SA parts, would be greatly appreciated.

Lee is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the SA radiators. If you have any information, please contact Detective Kevin Payton at 313-596-5640, and reference Complaint # 0710100147. Please call Lee Jacobson, as well, at 734-591-6111 x101.


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    Jay CT January 4, 2014 at 00:17
    I must be missing something here. Can't help wonder, why after six years? What is Candy's response referring to?
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    John J NE OHIO December 26, 2014 at 08:30
    Sadly seems like these thieves want scrap metal-not rare parts! Until the businesses that profit (scrap yards, used merchandise outlets, etc.) stop profiting from these crimes, and instead become part of the solution, crime like this will continue & escalate. These valuable parts will likely be purchased for scrap price by an enabling merchant void of moral fiber, and sold for huge profit. Without these business people enabling the thieves there would be far less of this type of disgusting loss.

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