1 September 2005

How Do You Spend Time in Off Months?

August poll results from the question, “What is your plan of action for the winter?” are in! You diehard cruisers, 22 percent of you, most likely live in the south or the west. Responses included, “It's California ! If I have to, I’ll put the top up,” and, “In Phoenix, we got the hobby year-round.” Well, maybe you’ll get quite a few more visitors in a few months…

A Floridian states that everything happens in the winter months; nothing happens in Florida during the hot months.

For 19 percent, reading and researching car stuff is the thing to do. Car collectors have many other varied interests as well: model trains, playing guitar, traveling and fishing, painting classic cars, learning airbrushing and tutoring. One respondent claimed belly dancing was the thing for him/her to do. Hmmm…

The biggest response came from those who work on their cars in the off months, a whopping 65 percent. Someone claims to “use wintertime to clean off summertime!” and we think that’s a great idea. One hobbyist insulated and added a stove to his shop, saying it was a great investment because the insulation keeps the shop cool enough to work in on the hot days too.

Our favorite response was one from Massachusetts : “If the roads are clean, I take my cars out and enjoy them.” We like that plan.

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