10 November 2004

Garage Doors Left Open Lead To Wildlife Visit

CAR COVERED: 1941 Chevrolet Pickup

WHAT WENT WRONG: The insured walked into his garage to find his truck under attack by wild turkeys. The three gobblers pecked and scratched his pickup, including the roof, hood, fenders, and door.

DAMAGE: There were scratches over much of the body of the truck. Total cost of the claim: $527.50

CAUSE: The insured left the garage door open.

Hagerty Protection Network TIP:  While this is certainly an unusual claim, the cause was not. You may feel secure that you’re in a "safe" neighborhood, but an open door leaves your car vulnerable to anyone (or anything) that might wander in when your back is turned. And while the motive of this rogue band of turkeys is unclear (a Thanksgiving vendetta?), you should always close – and lock – your garage door.


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    Doc Bayway, NJ January 14, 2016 at 09:29
    I have had problems with mice nesting in vehicles. Not just cars, but they made a nest in the exhaust system of one of my motorcycles. Even with my new corvette, when I brought it to the dealer for service after winter storage in my garage, they tried to blame an electrical problem on mice as they failed at troubleshooting. They were wrong. BECAUSE I no longer have mice. I use scented dryer sheets and place them around the garage, in the cars and under the hood, around the motorcycles and haven't had a problem since.

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