10 July 2014

Where it all started: Hagerty Marine

Without our Marine program, Hagerty Insurance may not be here today. Boat insurance is where it all started over 30 years ago, and now Hagerty is the world’s leading provider in classic boat insurance.

What do we cover?

Classic Boats:

  • Wood-hulled boats of any age.
  • Non-wood boats constructed before year 2000.

Standard Boats:

  • Boats that do not qualify for the classic program whether wood or non-wood construction (no age restriction, however boats 2000 and newer are much easier to write).
  • Unique risks including go-fast boats with speeds up to 120 mph, Houseboats, Hovercraft, Airboats and more.

Hagerty Marine Insurance Perks:

  • Low Premiums: Just like our car insurance, we know our clients take extra-special care of their collector boats, and that they are not driven daily. Unlike everyday insurance carriers, Hagerty provides coverage that is custom-tuned to your insured’s boat and the way it is used.
  • Guaranteed Value: It’s the same as our classic car insurance; our marine policies are based off of guaranteed value, so if there is a total loss your client will get a check for the insured value of the boat, minus any applicable deductible — no depreciation is taken into account.
  • Club Discounts: We are able to include an added bonus to boaters who are involved in the hobby by working with the most established collector boating clubs to offer substantial discounts.
  • Unlimited Pleasure Usage: We want our client’s to enjoy their collectors. Since great boats are made to be loved, we encourage pleasure use, and our program includes unlimited coverage for U.S. and Canadian Territorial Waters.  To make things even easier we don’t require a mandatory winter lay-up period.
  • In-House Claims Service: Hagerty’s in-house boat insurance experts handle every claim in a timely fashion, even during the busiest times of the season. We also work with the client’s repair shop of choice to ensure repairs are done the right way and ease their minds.
  • Unlimited Land Transportation: Hagerty’s Marine coverage follows the client wherever they go, even if it’s on a trailer or in storage for the off-season with our unlimited overland transportation within the United States and Canada.
  • Boat Restoration Coverage: With the Hagerty Port Risk policy it doesn’t matter if your client is restoring a watercraft themselves or using a professional facility, we can assure that they’re covered. The policy includes fire, theft and vandalism as well as overland transportation coverage. We will work with you and your client to maintain the appropriate value while the boat is being restored. When the restoration is complete, we agree on the restored value and navigation can be added for full in-water operation.

Do you have a client with a standard or collector boat?

Request a quote now or call our marine specialists at 1-800-762-2628.

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