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Project Mustang Restoration

Hagerty employees restored a 1964 1/4 Mustang over the past five months...

see the transformation

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  • All three cars are inexpensive and easy to love, with prices for good drivers starting about $3,000. Best-in-the-world examples of each are still well under $20,000, making them all great starter collectibles

    Middle Men

  • Runabout style, triple cockpit 1940 23' Chris-Craft Barrel Back

    The right boat for most people

  • Automumble

    Automumble: manual vs automatic transmissions

  • 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe 2-Door

    eBay Find of the Week: That Camaro Z28 you wanted in high school

  • Buick Le Sabre Turbo Sport Coupe

    Mustache Muscle: The best of Malaise-era American performance