British Cars

Index of post-war British collectible cars

Following last period’s 3% drop—the largest for this collection since September 2009—Hagerty’s British car index was mostly quiet. The Sunbeam Tiger is stabilizing and early TRs continue to inch downward, but the rest of this index’s component cars had changes within a point in either direction.

The long-term question here is if the next generation of collectors begins to consider these cars as they become more affordable (or as the next generation gains more buying power). In the meantime, recognize that buyers can now be very patient while shopping in this segment. Sellers will need to price their cars aggressively to solicit interest, or else have an extraordinary example to offer.

-Brian Rabold, September 2017

The Hagerty Price Guide Index of British Cars is a stock market style index that averages the values of 10 of the most iconic British sports cars from the 1950s-70s. The list below shows the cars that make up the index, while the graph to the left shows this index’s average value over the years. Values are for #2 condition, or “excellent” cars.

This index includes