Affordable Classics

Index of collectible cars priced under $30k

Hagerty’s Affordable Classics Index recorded a minor change in price of 1%, but activity has been vibrant nonetheless. For the last six months people have felt much more comfortable trading cars in this price range than in anything above. Sell-through rates at auction for this price bracket have increased significantly, and value decreases for these cars have been rare. As we noted in September, the only thing that is missing is appreciation.

Volume will always be a limiting factor for this group, as production numbers are enormous and there is no shortage of inventory. Further adding to this dynamic is the fact that there are many excellent cars entering the collector car landscape each year in this budget. Of course, that’s good news for buyers as it means there will always be something enjoyable to drive for cheap, provided you keep an open mind.

-Brian Rabold, January 2017

The Hagerty Price Guide Index of Affordable Classics is a stock market style index that averages the values of 12 cars priced under $30,000, from the 1950s-70s. The list to the left shows the cars that make up the index, while the graph above shows this index’s average value over the years. Values are for #2 condition, or “excellent” cars.

This index includes