1950s American

Index of collectible American cars of the 1950s

No surprises here. Hagerty’s 1950s American Index was unchanged this period. More cars lost value than gained, with the gainers being relatively high-value models to make the whole equation stand pat. This has long been the case, as this index has the lowest 5-year change of any of Hagerty’s seven primary indices.

While this group of cars isn’t likely to provide dividends in the long run, their low appreciation continues to make them interesting options for affordable cruising. Their fins and chrome persist as cultural shorthand for “classic cars”, and they are immediately recognized by the masses as something special. The same can’t be said for trendier choices in the same price range from the 1980s and 1990s.

-Brian Rabold, September 2017

The Hagerty Price Guide Index of 1950s American Classics is a stock market style index that averages the values of 19 of the most sought after collectible American automobiles of the 1950s. The list below shows the cars that make up the index, while the graph to the left shows this index’s average value over the years. Values are for #2 condition, or “excellent” cars.

This index includes