1950s American

Index of collectible American cars of the 1950s

Hagerty’s 1950s American Car Index started tacking downward in 2018, but an even mix of gains and losses left it flat for May. It is the only index to record no change since January, and one of just two not to record a decrease. Letter series Chrysler 300s and the 1957 Pontiac Bonneville appreciated noticeably, but they were offset by drops for the Studebaker Golden Hawk, the 1954 Buick Skylark and the Ford Sunliner and Skyliner.

The wider 1950s American market is a similar mix. Cadillac Series 62s saw among the highest increases, Studebakers saw among the biggest decreases, and most models saw no change at all. Many of these cars have a style and presence unlike those from any other time or place, but restorations on these large chrome-laden automobiles are as expensive as ever and the appeal of cars in this segment in general is narrowing. Cars that were restored previously and have since been carefully kept may therefore represent a tempting opportunity for buyers.

- Andrew Newton, May 2020

The Hagerty Price Guide Index of 1950s American Classics is a stock market style index that averages the values of 19 of the most sought after collectible American automobiles of the 1950s. The list below shows the cars that make up the index, while the graph to the left shows this index’s average value over the years. Values are for #2 condition, or “excellent” cars.

This index includes